I wanted to try this AAT Therapy because I have always had severe Eczema since I was an infant that was mostly concentrated around my eyes...After a few treatments, I started to see improvement...I wasn't as itchy & my skin was much smoother without the noticeable dryness... --- A.M.

I have had chronic sinusitis, red eyes, and asthma for years and was under 4 different prescription medications.  Last October it became so severe, that I had to go on antibiotics which only helped temporarily.  I had 4 treatments of AAT Therapy and am 75% better with minimal medication. -- G. B.

My daughter, who is 6 years old, always had a problem with Eczema...had severe dry skin which became very itchy causing her to scratch therefore creating open sores...and other parts of her body such as her arms, stomach and behind.  After about 6 treatments of AAT Therapy...she had so signs of eczema on her arms, stomach and behind. -- R. G. (mother)